Safehouse is a leading provider of safety solutions engineered to make hazardous environments universally safe.

Safehouse offers a range of ‘habitats’ which control environments to achieve safe working conditions. For example, its habitats enable hot work, to be undertaken in any hazardous environment whilst a facility is operational and with the associated risk of flammable gases or in circulation – thus maintaining production and minimising the cost implications associated with facility shutdowns.

Having enabled more than 10 million hours of safe productivity over the last 20 years, SAFEHOUSE habitats are proven as a cost-effective solution to mitigate risk and remain compliant.

The SAFEHOUSE habitat forms part of a fully certified ATEX and IECEx system and control measure, which when deployed allows hot work of any nature to be undertaken in a wide range of hazardous environments.

Control the risk using two key properties:

Containment – the flexible flameproof panel arrangement provides containment of the working area preventing the escape of sparks or welding slag.

Pressurisation – the controlled over-pressure within the habitat provides a barrier preventing the ingress of hydro-carbons or other hazardous gases during operation.

The world’s first ATEX and IECEx certified pressurised habitat system

The modular construction allows a SAFEHOUSE habitat to be installed to any required size and shape, incorporating penetrations such as structural beams and pipework with ease, ensuring that wherever the work site may be, our habitats can be installed.

The high rate of air change within the habitat and the adjustable air extraction provide safe and comfortable working conditions during the hot work operations, removing noxious fumes as they are produced.

Safehouse SafeIPC Systems for AGP Procedures in Dental and Medical Environments

As a response to the recent Global health crisis, Safehouse identified a need to diversify to assist in any way possible, whilst simultaneously securing the future of its business. Our expertise in utilizing pressurization for containment within the energy services industries uniquely places us to assist in the fight against COVID-19. This expertise led us to develop a range of Infection Prevention Control systems or “SafeIPC Systems”. The Safehouse SafeClinic is a standalone temporary negative pressure isolation pod used to isolate patients from the surrounding environment, allowing dental and medical AGP procedures to be conducted safely. The SafeClinic can reduce Post Aerosol Generating Procedure Fallow Time (PAGPFT) to as low as 10 minutes. Our SafeRoom is a portable anteroom (airlock entrance) system with HEPA-filtered ventilation which has the ability to convert existing rooms into Class-N negative pressure isolation rooms (NPIR) or Class-P positive pressure isolation rooms (PPIR). For more information relating to our SafeIPC Systems, visit our website.

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