Starn Group company, Safehouse ushers in a new era of conducting hot work in hazardous areas with the introduction of our new ATEX, IECEx and NORSOK certified habitat system.

 As world leaders in the provision of technology-led products and services engineered to protect people working in hazardous environments, Starn Group member, Safehouse Habitats, is delighted to announce the introduction of its new SAFEHOUSE Habitat System.

As the creator of the habitat industry with over 18 years’ experience, Safehouse sought to streamline and improve upon its current offering, with client feedback and industry intel at the heart of its design.

The SAFEHOUSE Habitat System (patent pending) is the successor to our Gas Sensing Module (GSM) and ancillary equipment. It has been designed from the ground up and adds significant improvements to the functionality, aesthetics and safety performance to the habitat system. Moreover, its modular design ensures that a solution can be found for even the most demanding and niche applications.

State of the art hardware and bespoke software help to automate the habitat operation process, ensuring simplicity is the overriding feature. SIL 2 capable equipment and circuits safeguard plant, machinery and the safety and wellbeing of the work force by providing a failsafe backbone to the system.

Comprising three main modules; The Safety Control Unit (SCU), Gas Detection Unit (GDU) and Air Shut-off Unit (ASU), the system is lightweight, highly portable and easy to manoeuvre into areas with limited space, offering the ultimate flexibility to its users.

Optional Power Distribution Units (PDU’s) can be connected to the control system via a single low voltage (24Vdc) cable to allow equipment with unsuitable Equipment Protection Levels (EPL’s) for the hazardous site to be utilised safely within the confines of the habitat. If a hazardous event arises, the SCU reduces the risk to plant, machinery and personnel by immediately shutting off any equipment powered by the PDU, safeguarding the lives of those in the vicinity.

The Starn Group is committed to saving lives and protecting our planet from the impact of hazardous activities. Our dynamic and reliable teams ensure our solution-driven approach is always client-centric. Working together, we maximise productivity with diversified specialised services focused on safely managing hazardous environments.

The Starn Group is an international market leader offering trusted end-to-end solutions that effectively manage hazardous environments across a production asset’s lifecycle.  Our solutions include; pressurised SAFEHOUSE habitats, atmospheric controls, H2S safety services and related breathing apparatus, bespoke Ex equipment sales and rental and various inspection and testing services.

We aim to deliver a global service from a local footprint and benefit from a world-wide network of agents and partners.

For further information relating to the Starn Group, or our new control system, please contact Charlie Hadden, Marketing Manager at or +44(0) 2039 842 941.