Starn Group member, Dynamic Air Shelters Ltd’s Grand Bank, NL factory is ready to supply critical medical facilities to the Government of Canada in efforts to Combat COVID-19 PANDEMIC

On 29 April 2020 Dynamic received notice that they were awarded the contract to support the Government of Canada’s response to COVID-19.  This contract provides additional emergency public health measures to Indigenous Services Canada (ISC) to support First Nations and Inuit communities in sustaining health services and managing impacts of COVID-19. The Government of Canada is actively working with partners to support Indigenous communities to prepare for the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

Dynamic will partner with two other Canadian companies (First Pac West (Vancouver) and Dymond Group (Ottawa)) to deliver nine (9) shelters in support of the Government of Canada’s COVID-19 pandemic response.  Specifically, the Dynamic team will design, manufacture, supply, deliver and install 1Mobile Medical Unit for Pre-Screening/Triage, 4 Mobile Isolation Units and 4 Mobile Accommodation Units.  All units will be deployed to Pukatawagan,Manitoba.

“We are overjoyed to be working along side both First Pac West and the Dymond Group in providing an incredible capability in such an important health crisis.  Canadian small businesses are poised and ready to work in partnership with our government to assist fellow Canadians in any way we can.  We are honoured to help both the Federal Government but equally our First Nations communities whilst we assist our healthcare professionals with our agile and (in this case) air-deployable solutions.  Our shelters can go anywhere humans can go and therefore these custom-built facilities will ensure the community of Pukatawagan has a safe and comfortable place to leverage whilst they deal with the COVID Crisis” – David Quick, Chief Executive Officer, Dynamic Air Shelters Ltd.

The success of this bid is largely due to the partnership of Dynamic with First Pac West and Dymond Group. In addition, the depth and breadth of the Dynamic product line, the size and scope of housing, warehousing or utility shelters in any location (austere or urban) or any climatic condition the client may be faced with allows for much larger contributions.

The local communities will be trained and utilized for the installation of the facilities and therefore empowering the client to be self-sufficient in the lifecycle of the Dynamic Shelters.