Starn Group increases global reach with acquisition of Dynamic Air Shelters

The Starn Group, which owns the Safehouse Habitats and Sabre Safety Services businesses headquartered in Dundee UK, successfully completed the acquisition of Canada-based Dynamic Air Shelters on 1 November 2019. This acquisition extends the global reach and offering of Starn by adding bespoke, blast-resistant and environmental protection air-inflated structures to its already wide range of engineered products and services designed to protect our planet and people from the impact of hazardous activities. Dynamic is already an established provider of blast and environmental protection shelter in the USA and Canada and is making steady inroads internationally.  In addition, it is extending the range of applications of its air shelter technology into a variety of other sectors.

Starn’s Executive Chairman, Phil Maxted, commented: “We are thrilled to welcome Dynamic Air Shelters in to the Starn Group of companies. The expertise and experience offered by Dynamic’s highly skilled workforce will bolster our commitment to providing local service from a global footprint. Previously, as agents for Dynamic for two years, we have been working to bring its innovative product to our own customer base in Europe, the Middle East and Australia and therefore already have great relationships with the entire team. We are very excited for what the future will bring now that we have joined forces.”

Dynamic’s CEO, David Quick, commented: “The acquisition of Dynamic by the Starn Group heralds an exciting chapter in our story. Dynamic and Starn have worked together for two years, bringing our innovative product to Starn’s customer base in Europe, the Middle East and Australia, and therefore already have great relationships with the entire team.

“As a result of this close partnership, Starn understands the important role that Dynamic plays in the local and provincial economy of Newfoundland and is committed to using its international footprint to drive expansion and growth that should benefit the factory in Grand Bank, and to further future employment prospects. We are very excited for what the future will bring.

“It is a privilege to be able to lead Dynamic forward under Starn’s ownership and to secure the legacy of Dynamic’s founder, Harold Warner – it was Harold’s innovative thinking that led to the creation of Dynamic and it is a reflection on the strong relationship with Starn that Harold will still be working actively in the business on new products and new business.”

The addition of Dynamic Air Shelters to the group will allow Starn to further penetrate the US and Canadian markets with its other products and services. Although the price remains undisclosed, the deal is attractive for the strategic goals that will be achieved.

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