Dynamic Air Shelters is the premier solutions‐based provider of protective structures for workers and equipment in harsh environments.

Dynamic blast resistant shelters are available to our international customer base, helping to maximise wrench-time, increase productivity, and save costs, all the time ensuring the safety of your number one asset – your workforce. Dynamic passionately innovates by listening to it’s customers and the markets to develop lightweight, rapidly-deployable textile constructions to protect people and equipment from extreme conditions in harsh environments.

Smart innovation is at the core of the ongoing success of Dynamic Air Shelters

Founded in the early 2000s, Dynamic has become the premier solutions‐based provider of protective structures for workers and equipment in harsh environments. Dynamic custom designs, engineers and manufactures uniquely configured protective shelters to its customers’ specific needs.

Dynamic’s quick-deploy, blast-resistant, inflatable structures are utilised around the world in a number of applications: safety and lunch shelters, fabrication facilities, field hospitals, command posts, hospital isolation units, emergency response team (ERT) response systems, crime scene protection units and more.

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Resilient. Portable. Cost Effective

Dynamic’s structures are designed to have the durability of a permanent building, but their flexibility and ease of handling provides inexpensive portability, low operating costs, and minimal maintenance.

After placing 15 controlled work environment shelters on an industrial site in Toledo, Ohio, the site production manager reported savings of up to $106,000 a day through productivity improvements.

Every inflatable shelter is designed and engineered with emphasis on technical accuracy and production quality. Dynamic custom-design shelters to meet specific client needs, and also has models in stock available for quick deployment.

Certified for quality and safety

Dynamic Air Shelters has been providing protection and safety for the at-risk workforce, their equipment, and their environment for the past 15 years. Its shelters meet the strictest safety standards, providing protective indoor space – fast, whether you’re in a tropical hurricane zone, in the remote Arctic Circle, or on a plant site with inherent hazards.

Several independent live field explosive tests were performed between 2007 and 2011 with the help of their testing partners BakerRisk, Lloyd’s Register-Advanced Technology Group (formerly Martec Ltd.), Defence Research and Development Canada (DRDC), ORA Inc., and Dyn-FX Consulting. The shelter was repeatedly proven to defend against a serious explosive threat and to withstand high proximity impact.

Dynamic’s blast resistant shelters are considered to be the best solution to comply with the American Petroleum Institute (API 756) recommended guidelines.

Dynamic Air Shelters is an ISO 9001 2008 certified manufacturer of flexible industrial solutions – ensuring the highest level of quality management systems are in place to serve customers and stakeholders.

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